Welcome (originally posted December 28, 2013)

This is exciting isn’t it? Approaching a brand new year represents new beginnings, out with the old and in with the new. For me it represents so much more.

…on a day not unlike any other in the waning heat of Phoenix, I sat in my doctors office while I heard the name of the thing that had been causing me so much aggrivation for years….

Pituitary Microadenoma

and then, almost as if it was a side note worth no attention at all, she mentioned another thing was found in my MRI scan. This is called a Chiari Malformation.

These two conditions would launch a five year, painfully lonely fight for my health, and much…MUCH more…

I’m Audrey. I am here to tell my story.

I am an educated woman, facing desperate circumstances. A single mother, with no family to turn to… Born a LEO, some might say it’s in my nature to always land on my feet.


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