Our fate led us here.

Our past, Our pain, Our Journey’s

All dancing in a beautifully timed rhythm, destined to meet at this single point!

This Moment.

We could have given up.

Heaven knows we have all had our moments.

Yet somehow, instead of being as broken or as damaged as we believe,


Like a Phoenix from the ashes, strength pulsing through us to our core.


The very presence of air in our lungs, is a medal of honor, and we wear it bravely.

We fall

We crash

We burn

We cry

We ache

But we still have the strength to FEEL something!

With hearts of armor- formerly battered, tortured & broken,

they RESILIENTLY beat on!


We are the soldiers forged in a battlefield of the worst kind of hatred.

We will wield the endourance of the most seasoned veteran, and lead the next generation into the future.

We are strength!

We are Hope!

We are Deserving!

We are Beautiful!

We are Worthy!

We are Lovable!

Today is better than yesterday!

It is Yours!

It is Mine!

Today is OURS!

So Dance, Smile, Twirl!

This is nothing short of DIVINITY!

A reason to breathe,

To really BREATHE!

And to



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