Love Is Not Pain, Pain Is Not Love

Love love love this blog! For anyone having faced life with a predator, you will be able to relate. She is amazing!


2 thoughts on “Love Is Not Pain, Pain Is Not Love

  1. Captain Marvel is a Comic book Psychologist, Its funny shes reminds me of you more and more. The Joke is that we get taught “comic books arent real” but yet gods talk to humans and aliens and other gods in them and we watch and read them, but we are told these are dead gods right? So whos really lying to us about what is and what isnt reality, whos really sick. If I told you I was a black panther and that I pray to Baste or that I was a Lion-Man and that I prey to Mother Sekhmet and that I can read a Comic book and know what she wanted me to figure out

    who is the white person that wants me to shut up about it and why do they keep thinking that they know better and dont need to say sorry to my “African-American; Native-American” self (its not your audrey but sometimes folks who comment dont really know how to help, but rather how to pat you on the back and tell you “Good Job girl!!, YOu DID IT” and then might be the same Ol’girl from the block or the Same Cat from around the way that might turn you into the SS

    but never mind the tangent super star, rock on


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