There is a place you can go emotionally that is lower than self harm and even suicide.

It is a place of a melancholy that is created by so-called professionals- mental health professionals- Who are put in place to “help” those of us who can’t help themselves.

But this dark place of helplessness is created when you “professionals” refuse to look at us in the eye.


When you pass us by but don’t really see the need.

When you ignore our pain

When you go out of your way to ignore it

But you’re quick to claim the credit of helping out


When you leave work early and enjoy your nights and weekends

When we count every minute every dark second tell there’s help again- only to be bullshitted through another week!


This dark place has no escape!

It has been skillfully crafted by broken systems for broken people!!!

But who’s going to be there when we snap?



I had to show my support for this!!! Please, if you would take just a minute of your time and sign this petition and show your support for a good cause, I sure did! It’s a worthy one!

Elliesofia Thompson

a college

Why can’t the government leave things alone if they are working well?! They have decided to stop the funding for my college which is a Recovery College. It’s a college for 500 people like myself who are living with or recovering from (or trying to) mental health conditions. It’s a great place and has really helped me gain my confidence and learn new coping strategies. I’ve also made lots of friends of all sorts there and got to know all the tutors and other staff really well. We’ve been running for nearly four years now, learned a lot, shared a lot and had a lot of fun. Also, on a more serious note, I and we have all learned so much about coping with our lives with a mental health disorder and some of us have been able to move along to voluntary or paid avenues. I attend there 3-4…

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