EMERGENCY help for us! Homeless, disabled, single mom!

We have been homeless for 2+ years. Few of you know because i simply have been scared and embarrassed to ask. Our safety has been so badly compromised that we simply cant continue like this!
We have iether been living on the streets, in our car, couch hopping or when we are fortunate enough…God has given opportunities to stay in a hotel.
Were on every housing waiting list and have been for years with no end in sight.
I dont qualify for most transitional housing because im unable to work.

We wake up at night to gunshots nearby, recently a body was found here in bad condition, heavy police presence here nearly every day, sewer smell coming from bathrooms, police choppers routinely overhead on weekends, drugs, violence…the list is so long!!!!!

Please help in any way you can and SHARE SHARE SHARE the link!!!

My poor son has had to grow up too fast and endour things no child…or person, should have to.

Please help me put a roof over our heads and an end to our crisis.

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Thank you so much for all the help!

Audrey and Pharaoh