Beautiful souls

Many people may have tried… But she effortlessly succeeded in describing this. And in so many ways, she is this.


The River

I couldn’t have described the lost feeling all those years better myself! Love this! For all of you out there looking for support, a shoulder, or to know you are not alone in your inner struggle, there is a community of individuals here, all in various stages of recovery.
There is great power in liberation in finding that you are not alone.
Check out this blog, and others like it!

They are real people, going through real experiences, fighting the good fight every single day.

We are all brothers and sisters, joined in tragedy. But we are not alone!


The fog that hovers over the river this morning is impressive. All around, the sun’s rays touch the earth, but the river, it does not see the sun. I can not see the sun. I picture myself on that river. Walking over its frozen surface. Lost in the fog, unsure of where I am going. Like the fog, this to shall pass, but for now I lay under its thick blanket, waiting to see the sun again.

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